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Unlimited Broadband  Internet

High-Speed Wireless Internet Service for Wickenburg, Morristown, Wittmann and Surrounding Areas.


Starting at
Grand Avenue Broadband uses the latest technologies in fixed, point to point and point to multi-point wireless to deliver voice and data services to the under-served commercial, small business, residential, education, healthcare and public sector markets. Grand Avenue Broadband does not cap data usage so customers enjoy unlimited, high-speed, broadband wireless Internet service.
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Unlimited Data

Unlimited GB transfers.  No Data caps.  No Overages.  You can download and upload at your maximum purchased speed plan 24x7x265.  We will never throttle you to dial-up speeds and you never have to worry about getting hit with large data overage charges ever again.

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Locally Owned

Grand Avenue Broadband is proud to be locally owned and operated.  You'll never have to deal with someone else in another state, or another country.  We are proud of, and proud to be a part of the communities we serve!

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Latest Technology

Our network is powered by the latest in broadband tech. We continuously search for the best products  to improve speeds, service, and availability including the latest derivatives of 5G.  Some of the RF modeling, AI and 3D technologies we use are state of the art!

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Affordable high speed internet,  powers our digital world, connects us with friends and family, and empowers our students to become future leaders, entrepreneurs, and inventors.  We commit to this purpose by offering high speed broadband, starting at $59.99.

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Customer First

We LOVE our customers.  We are committed to providing you with the friendliest service in the industry, and being respectful of the homes and spaces that you welcome us into.  Our goal is to make you feel like we're family, and for us, many of you are.  You're the best!

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Guaranteed Speeds

Guaranteed speeds are almost unheard of in our industry, but we do it!  We offer guaranteed minimum speeds ranging from 75% to 100% of your listed plan speed, to our radio on your roof.  If you're not getting it, we'll fix it, or help you determine why you're not! That's our guarantee!

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Local Support

Our local support staff and employees have lived in the area for decades.  We're part of the communities we serve, and we understand the unique challenges of the area.  When you talk to us, you're talking to a local!

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Privacy Matters

Privacy and security on the internet matters!  That's why our network is built with  military-grade encryption and  is built behind Enterprise level firewalls.  We layer security products on top of all of our connections standard, and we offer advanced products as well.

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